PSYCH-K® Online Sessions

Schedule an online PSYCH-K® session to change limiting emotions, perceptions and beliefs through simple and powerful exercises, resolving conflicts and integrating your goals at the subconscious level of your mind.

In the sessions, we explore the situations you want to solve and the goals you want to achieve, and we do the exercises that are appropriate to achieve your new mindset. They are carried out through video calls, they have the same dynamics as the face-to-face sessions and they only differ in the way of performing the Muscle Test.

These exercises, called balances, are a few minute’s processes that create a balanced identification with both hemispheres of the brain. This whole-brain state is ideal for reprogramming the mind with new patterns of self-improvement, reducing unwanted stress, and helping you access your full potential to respond to the challenges in your life.

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What is PSYCH-K® used for?

PSYCH-K® allows you to address all kinds of conflicts or limitations that originate from your limiting emotions, perceptions, thoughts, or beliefs. You can focus on what you want for your life that is not happening to you yet and integrate that new information in the subconscious so that you can quickly and accurately direct yourself towards new things. On the other hand, you can also address any situation that you have experienced with stress and that continues to condition you, to redefine it with a change in perception.

Where does PSYCH-K® come from?

It originated in 1988 in the United States with Rob Williams, who relates that it was a gift that came through him as a series of complete patterns for change that were visually represented in his mind. He then put those instructions into practice on himself and his friends, and noticed how miraculous changes came into everyone’s lives. Since then, Rob has been caring for and sharing PSYCH-K® with everyone in the world who resonates with this gift.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Contact me for any questions about PSYCH-K®, to know the details of the sessions or to combine a meeting. Click here:

Facilitator Juan Llamosas

After 18 years of knowing and trying out transformation methods, for 8 years I have chosen PSYCH-K® because of the new energy it brings to my life and because of how simple and direct it is to the people with whom I share it. I accompany you with Basic, Advanced and Health and Wellness balances. If you feel that resolving your conflicts and limitations requires a process of change beyond your willpower, I invite you to get to know PSYCH-K®. Also in spanish and portuguese.

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