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Schedule an online PSYCH-K® session to change limiting beliefs and perceptions through simple and powerful exercises, resolving conflicts and integrating your goals at the subconscious level of your mind.

Online sessions are trought video call. They have the same dynamics as the on-site sessions and only differ in the way we do the Muscle Test.

In the sessions we explore the situations you want to solve and the goals you want to achieve, and we perform the exercises (balances) that are appropriate to achieve your new mindset.

The most important task of today’s adults is to prepare the world for future generations. And for this, a mechanism is needed. It’s not just sitting around thinking «Hey, let’s fix the world! We need to change, and there is no better process of change I have seen in my 30 years of research than the PSYCH-K® process.

Dr. Bruce Lipton

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Juan Llamosas

Facilitator Juan Llamosas

After 15 years of knowing and trying out transformation methods, today I choose PSYCH-K® because of the new energy it brings to my life and because of how simple and direct it is to the people with whom I share it. I accompany you with Basic, Advanced and Health and Wellness balances. If you feel that resolving your conflicts and limitations requires a process of change beyond your willpower, I invite you to get to know PSYCH-K®.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does an online session work the same as a face-to-face one?

Yes, the only difference is that at a distance, the Muscle Test is done by the facilitator, the rest works the same way.

Do I need to revisit my past?

It is not necessary. PSYCH-K® focuses on your present and the reality you want for your life. Likewise, in case you have a past situation that you want to free yourself from, we can use a balance with change of perception, reconnecting with the concrete situation, knowing that in a few minutes you will have the possibility to experience a change. It is also possible to make the change without sharing the details of the situation. In case you want to find a message from a past situation with the intention of reaching a learning, it is also possible. A PSYCH-K® session is like a selfie, you always end up with a smile.

Can it be dangerous to enter the subconscious?

There is no danger with PSYCH-K®. On the one hand because everything you want to change arises from your own conscious decision. And on the other hand, in the balances a Muscle Test is performed to know if it is safe and appropriate to make a change, if the test gives weak, it is not continued with the balance. There is also a test to choose the best balance for you at that moment. In case you feel some insecurity, in the first session, you can make a balance to stay calm about this issue.

Can physical conditions be addressed?

Yes, with the basic balances and those of the Health and Welfare program, physical conditions can be addressed. Every day it is more clear and there are many studies that demonstrate it, that our beliefs and perceptions have an incidence in our body. If we change them, we open ourselves to the possibility of a healthier life. To know the scientific basis, some of my references are Bruce Lipton, Joe Dispenza, Gregg Braden. PSYCH-K® sessions do not diagnose, nor replace any other conventional treatment, they act as a complement that accompanies you in a new vision of your integral health and your personal power.

What are payment methods?

Through PayPal or with cryptocurrencies (Bitcoins, Etherum, etc).

Do you have any questions left?

Text me or send me an audio by WhatsApp.

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