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We are all One. It sounds beautiful, but is it really so? This recent documentary The Field seeks to show us through experiences and testimonies, that there is a Consciousness that unites us.

In addition to testimonials and experiences from search engines and researchers around the world. Among those interviewed are Gregg Braden, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Lee Carroll (Kryon) and Peggy Phoenix Dubro among others.

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All ancient cultures and traditions speak of our being far beyond matter.

The 1 Field, using the scientific tools of this century, examines this assumption through interwoven stories: the life stories and research of innovative figures in the study of consciousness and scientific experiments supervised by research institutes and scientists around the world.

This film really reveals the nature of how our consciousness is influencing this planet. This movie is so important for the evolution of our planet.

Dr. Bruce Lipton

What is consciousness and what is its power? Can it be tested with scientific tools?

These are the questions that its Israeli director Tsipi Raz asked herself. The platform chosen to examine these questions is a journey in Israel led by Kryon’s channeler, Lee Carroll, combined with 19 scientific experiments supervised by international research institutes that examine the claims made along the way.

Scientific experiments Consciousness

The film «The 1 Field» takes a look at the personal stories and research of the other protagonists of the film, some of whom are participating in the journey: Gregg Braden, who wrote four bestsellers on the connection between science and spirituality. Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, who developed laser technology for healing, Dr. Bruce Lipton, a biologist who was considered insane when he discovered epigenetics 50 years ago, Peggy Phoenix Dubro, the developer of a healing technique based on balancing the electromagnetic field, musicians Robert Coxon and Anders Holte who conduct studies on sound healing, Lynne McTaggart, a writer who has written the bestseller «The Field» and conducted 30 experiments examining the effect of collective consciousness on reality, supervised by numerous scientists and universities. Dr. Jayant Kumar Bhadury, a physician, vice president of the Indian Yoga Federation and an offspring of a well-known family of yogis. Prof. Carlo Ventura, a researcher who discovered the influence of sound on DNA, Trond Aaronson, founder of the Moxite Method, Dr. Yaron Segal, an atmospheric physicist, dedicated his life to finding a treatment for his son who was born with a rare neurological syndrome, and discovered that wave-based magnetic field therapy can help people with neurological disorders.

Rent the documentary The Field

This is the only way to see it. Available in different languages.

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