What is PSYCH-K®

PSYCH-K® is a series of processes that provide an easy way to reprogram your mind’s software and change the outcomes of your life. Through exercises, called balances, it allows you to change emotions, perceptions, and beliefs at the subconscious level of your mind.

PSYCH-K® has several balance sheets with a series of steps that guide the person who receives them to generate profound and sustainable changes. At each step, the Kinesiological Muscle Test is used to establish direct communication with the information in our minds. In this way, all balance sheet dynamics are subject to a concrete check, leaving aside any type of subjective interpretation.

To access the balances, you can find a Facilitator, which are usually offered in the form of private sessions, or enrol in the Workshops with the Certified Instructors, which allow you to use the balances for yourself and share them with others.

The history of PSYCH-K®

It originated in 1988 in the United States with Rob Williams, who relates that it was a gift that came through him as a series of complete patterns for change that were visually represented in his mind. He then put those instructions into practice on himself and his friends, and noticed how miraculous changes came into everyone’s lives. Since then, Rob has been caring for and sharing PSYCH-K® with everyone in the world who resonates with this gift.

The three minds

They are present in each balance sheet and each one has its function and characteristics.

Conscious Mind: It allows us to define what we want and analyze the progress of our changes. It processes 40 bits of info per second, occupies 5% of the mind.
Subconscious Mind: Manages all our survival and automatic functions. It processes 40 million bits of info per second, occupies 95% of the mind.
Superconscious Mind: Our Higher Self, Spirit. It gives permission to make the changes.

Whole-brain state

Changing the beliefs of the subconscious is similar to reprogramming a computer. Using the processes of PSYCH-K®, a kind of «mental keyboard» of your own brain, you can increase communication between the two hemispheres, thus achieving a better whole-brain state (Hemi-sync), which is ideal for changing your subconscious information. Additionally, when the left and right hemispheres of the brain are in sync, the qualities and characteristics of both hemispheres are available to maximize the potential for full response to life’s challenges.

So what are beliefs?

According to NLP, beliefs are the generalization about things or events perceived in the environment, which connects our system of values and criteria with our perception of reality.

They are a set of deep conclusions that were ingrained in our subconscious throughout our lives, mainly in our childhood. Everything that we absorbed in those years of our environment created these beliefs based essentially on: what is possible, what I can, and what I deserve.

In some cases, we detect them simply by listening to what we say or being aware to our thoughts, and in other cases, we can perceive them as a reflection of our behaviors and experiences.

Those of us who are flexible to challenge our limiting beliefs can discontinue or update them with others that empower us. PSYCH-K® balances are one of the ways we have to do this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Try a session

Contact me for any questions about PSYCH-K®, to know the details of the sessions or to combine a meeting.

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